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New Builds & Basements

Our experienced staff can:

- Demolish old buildings - Build new dwellings from scratch - Create waterproof basements - Install walk-in wine cellars - Create your ultimate dream home - Provide building guarantees

The best thing about building a new dwelling is that you get personalise everything. There are no limitations in design and we work closely with architects and planning to build your dream home. All our new builds come with guarantees. We are here to help you every step of the way and make your dream come true! With the shortage of living space in London, there’s been a rise in recent times in basement developments. Why move to a bigger property if your property can be made bigger! We can build basements of any size for all your needs. Whether it’s a spa, gym, play room, cinema, family room or wine cellar you wish to construct, we can assist you throughout the whole process to ensure the high quality and latest technology is installed.