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Loft Conversions

Our knowledgeable teams:

- Warm and cold decks - Zinc, Copper & Lead roofs - Mastic asphalt - 3 layers of felt - Single ply membranes - Natural or composite roofing slates and roofing tiles - Complex glass roof structures and skylights - Regardless of the roof covering, CMJ can provide an insurance backed 10 year guarantee on all new roofs.

CMJ Builders have specialist Loft Conversion teams capable of undertaking even the most challenging of Loft Conversions and roof extension projects. We regularly work on projects designed by architects employed by our clients. Either taking on the full project management role or working together with the clients’ architect to deliver the project brief. We can provide comprehensive advice to optimize the use of space, navigate planning, fulfil your needs and add value to your property. It’s a smart investment in your property that can increase your house price dramatically.